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21 March 2023

Microsoft Outlook Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability

A vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook has been identified that has the risk of credential theft where an attacker can steal a legitimate users’ credentials for unauthorised access and elevation of privileges to an organisation’s information and systems.

The alert is applicable to all funded organisations that use supported versions of Microsoft Outlook for Windows.

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17 March 2023

Tell us what you think! Funded Agency Channel website user survey

The Service Agreement Communications team is undertaking a Funded Agency Channel website review. As part of the review we are undertaking a Funded Agency Channel Website User Survey to better understand our audience and their needs.

We want to hear from you so that we can simplify the user experience, drive self-service by improving content usability, reduce content redundancy and ensure you remain up to date with the most current news and information.

The survey will help our team to deliver a refocussed and updated Funded Agency Channel website.

17 March 2023

GPs in community health project recommences

The Department of Health has recently restarted the next phase of the GPs in community health project, a key reform item in the Community Health Action Plan.

Primary care is a key focus area and multiple streams of work are progressing at both National and State levels to address urgent issues in primary care, particularly GPs, including better patient access, reducing acute demand, improving patient experience and outcomes and enhancing integrated care for chronic disease.

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