My Agency for DFFH and DH staff

For DFFH and DH staff, My Agency is accessed using single sign on

My Agency is only accessible via departmental workstations or via Remote Secure Access (RSA) using a secure token. This page provides information on My Agency eligibility requirements and access.


  • My Agency access eligibility

    Access to My Agency is automatically granted to SAMS2 users.

    If you do not use SAMS2 you may apply for access to My Agency but will not be able to access the Service Agreement Module or My Agency reports. Ideally, you would apply for access to SAMS2 as a read only user.

  • Access My Agency

    It's easy to access My Agency as there is no need to log in. Access is granted through single sign on. As long as you are logged into the network at your work station or through RSA, you will have direct access to My Agency.

    Once you have accessed My Agency for the first time, you can add the link to your favorites.