Reportable Conduct Scheme review

11 June 2024
The Victorian Government is committed to keeping children safe. The Victorian Government introduced the Reportable Conduct Scheme (the scheme) in July 2017 to make organisations safer for children.

The scheme aims to improve organisations’ responses to allegations of child abuse and misconduct or ‘reportable conduct’ by its employees and volunteers.

The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing has reviewed the operation of the first five years of the scheme to understand if it is working as intended.

The review was informed by consultation with the Commission for Children and Young People, government departments, other regulators, organisations required to comply with the scheme, unions, children and young people, and representatives from various professional associations for organisations required to comply with the scheme.

The review found that the scheme is largely operating as intended. It identified 32 opportunities to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability of the scheme.

The final report is available on the Reportable Conduct Scheme review webpage