Men's sheds background paper released

19 May 2023
The department of Families, Fairness and Housing (the department) has released a paper through the Bayside Peninsula Area Community Partnership Team (BPA) around current themes and opportunities relevant to Men's Sheds in the Bayside Peninsula and Southern Melbourne Areas.

The purpose of the Men's Shed Background Paper is to connect with Men's Sheds about issues that matter to them and provide a document that reflects that feedback to build awareness about the importance and value of Men's Shed organisations.


BPA met with nine Sheds, and other stakeholders and asked for their thoughts and views on several themes. It is important to note that every Shed is different, and the themes and opportunities may have different relevance depending on the Shed and the communities they serve. Thank you to all the members who participated.


Men’s Sheds play an important role for their participants and within their local communities. They bring together participants in a safe and familiar environment that results in friendships, skills, and knowledge, and the breaking down of barriers about health and social wellbeing issues.


The COVID-19 pandemic significantly interrupted the operation of Men’s Sheds in Victoria. Participation of members is on the rise again, however there are evident challenges ahead.

The paper covers key themes about governance, volunteers and staff, membership, and participation, and shed facilities that Men’s Sheds may experience. Opportunities have since been identified regarding capacity building, volunteering, collaboration, and local engagement that Shed’s and other stakeholders could explore to support Men’s Sheds to achieve their goals, have strong governance, and be accessible for more people to participate.