Victorian Fair Jobs Code for the Community Services sector

14 September 2023
The Victorian Government has released the Fair Jobs Code for the community services sector (the CS Code). Community services organisations (CSOs) that receive significant Victorian Government funding (from any department) to deliver community services, may be required to follow the code as a condition of that funding.

The CS Code is based on a shared commitment between government and the sector to grow and support the critical social services workforce. It is also part of the Victorian Government’s broader commitment to recognise good employers in the organisations it works with.

The CS Code is a series of standards relating to:

  1. compliance with applicable workplace obligations
  2. promoting secure employment and job security
  3. fostering cooperative relationships between employers, employees and their representatives
  4. promoting workplace equity and diversity.

The government will work with the sector to help organisations understand the CS Code and support them to meet their obligations. The CS Code will come into effect in August 2024.

You can read the CS Code and find out more information about what the CS Code means for your organisation at: