Outcomes tracking system

15 December 2023
The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing has redeveloped the Outcomes Tracking System (OTS). OTS has been developed for the collection of client outcomes data to support the sector and program areas in the measurement of outcomes in their respective programs. The capturing of this data will allow service planning and improvement by looking at aggregated outcome data over time.

The redevelopment was led by the Transitions from Care, Family Services and Family Safety Victoria policy teams and was originally trialled by selected Family Services providers.

Better Futures providers commenced using the re-developed system from 27 November 2023 and are now able to record and track the outcomes of young people. As the program is voluntary, young people can choose not to participate. 

The new system is flexible and policy areas can tailor questions according to program logics and practice which will allow providers and the department to review outcomes data and will  support the delivery of Better Futures and Home Stretch programs. 

The Outcomes Tracking System will also be able to produce individual, agency and state level reports.

For more information, including videos about the new system, please access the following link: https://fac.dffh.vic.gov.au/enterprise-outcomes-tracking-system-eots.