Obligations for funded organisations under the Victims’ Charter

18 January 2024
Victims’ Services Agencies have an obligation to treat victims and persons adversely affected by crime in line with the principles outlined in the Victims’ Charter or the Victims Charter Act 2006.

Victims’ Services Agencies include:

  • Family violence services
  • Sexual assault services
  • Orange Door Services.

When providing services agencies must ensure they practice the following:

  • Treat victims with courtesy, respect and dignity 
  • Have regard to victims who experience specific barriers to the justice system
  • Provide information about services, entitlements and assistance
  • Communicate with and respond to victims in a way that recognises their preferences and needs
  • Protect victims’ personal information 
  • Respond to complaints from victims who believe an organisation has beached the Victims’ Charter.

The Victims of Crime Commissioner has established guidelines for the Victims’ Charter. These guidelines set out good practice in relation to policies, processes, staff training and competence-building to properly discharge their obligations to victims and those adversely affected by crime.

Read more information on the Victims of Crimes Commissioner’s website, Understanding the victims' charter.