Obligations and key actions in managing client incidents

15 February 2024
Funded organisations should take all necessary steps to ensure effective screening, onboarding and offboarding checks of staff and comply with service agreement obligations.

When responding to allegations of staff to client abuse, funded organisations should take steps to ensure the safety of the alleged victim. This may include reallocating staff or volunteers to alternative duties. The CIMS guides below provide advice as to the processes to follow and cover incidents that may occur during service delivery and may result in harm to a client. 

The Client incident management guide (CIMS) guide describes each of the actions and responsibilities of funded organisations and the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing during the management of client incidents.

The Client incident management guide Addendum: Out-of-home care  should be read in conjunction with the CIMS guide and provides specific guidance for allegations of abuse by carers (home based care – foster care and kinship care, residential care and lead tenant) of children living in out-of-home care (OOHC).

Further information can be found on the Client Incident Management system page of the department’s Providers site.