New 1300 telephone numbers for divisions

20 June 2023
On 21 June 2023, the Department of Families Fairness and Housing will be activating new 1300 numbers as it switches to four divisional phone queues, rather than separate numbers for each office within each division.

Calls to offices across each division (including standalone housing offices) will now route via one divisional telephony queue and be serviced through a high level Interactive Voice Response (IVR) which will direct the caller to the appropriate telephony queue for response.  This will greatly reduce waiting times for our clients, renters and community members as telephone calls will be spread out more evenly across each COPL division.  

It will also reduce the number of telephone numbers currently in circulation for housing offices and reception teams and make it more simple for the public to contact staff in operational divisions via one divisional phone number.

Department staff who have been providing their direct MS Teams, or mobile phone number to clients, renters and community members should continue to do so.

The new numbers for each division are:

  • East Division – 1300 360 452
  • North Division – 1300 598 521
  • South Division – 1300 555 526
  • West Division – 1300 360 462

Calls coming into existing 03 numbers for each office will be redirected to the new 1300 numbers (above) until the new 1300 numbers are in full circulation and known to our clients, renters and the community.