Gifts, benefits and hospitality

15 December 2023
With end-of-year festivities approaching, it’s timely to remember public sector rules about gifts, benefits and hospitality.

Gifts and hospitality are a traditional way of giving thanks, building connections and marking celebrations in our community, particularly at this time of year.

However, DFFH staff are limited in what they can accept from our funded organisations under public sector integrity and anti-corruption rules. The Department is also required to declare all offers of gifts, benefits and hospitality worth $50 or more on a public register.  

For these reasons, and to avoid any misunderstandings, we ask that organisations:

  • not offer gifts, benefits or hospitality to DFFH staff, other than token hospitality (such as tea or coffee at meetings). There are some specific rules around ceremonial and cultural items but if you would like to express appreciation for one of our team members, thanks and kind words are enough.
  • understand that we may need to ask for an invoice to pay our way at some business-related events and functions. 

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to continuing to work with you in 2024.