Family violence funding for Aboriginal communities

15 May 2024
family violence
The Victorian Government, through the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing is providing $2.2 million for the Aboriginal Community Initiatives Fund (CIF) in 2023-24 to implement community led projects that educate, prevent, reduce and respond to family violence in Aboriginal communities across Victoria.

Projects funded through the CIF support and address priorities that are identified by the 11 Dhelk Dja Action Groups to address family violence at a local level.

Dhelk Dja Action Groups are made up of Aboriginal community members and play a pivotal role in community-led responses to family violence.

The majority of the projects are targeted at preventing family violence, cultural strengthening and building more resilient communities, recognising that tackling family violence requires a holistic approach. 

Projects range from providing community workers with a deeper understanding of coercive control and the impacts it has on victim survivors of family violence, to supporting Elders who have experienced or who have family members affected by family violence and supporting young people's social and emotional wellbeing.

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