Enrolments for 2025 now open in Victorian government schools

15 May 2024
The Department of Education has published updated school zones and enrolment resources to help families with enrolment in 2025.

The department’s Enrolment policy supports families that are unable to provide evidence of their permanent residence to access their local school.

School zones for 2025 are now available on findmyschool.vic.gov.au. This website allows families to find their designated neighbourhood school (local school) and other nearby government schools.

Other enrolment resources have also been published at vic.gov.au/starting-school

This includes: 

  • enrolment FAQs for the 2025 school year
  • the Foundation (Prep) enrolment information pack, and a fact sheet and poster in more than 40 languages, to support families to apply for Foundation enrolment by Friday 26 July 2024
  • the Year 6 to 7 placement information pack to support families to apply for Year 7 enrolment by Friday 10 May 2024. 

Every child is guaranteed a place at their local school. Families can also apply to a school that is not their local school. The child should be enrolled if that school has sufficient accommodation and the request for enrolment aligns with the school’s enrolment management implementation plan (if they have one). Most schools in Victoria have sufficient accommodation to accept all who apply.

Inability to provide evidence of permanent residence

To support each child’s right to attend their local school, schools may need to verify a child’s permanent residence. 

Schools should ensure enrolment practices do not unfairly disadvantage families of children who are unable to provide proof of permanent address because of their individual circumstances. This is particularly relevant to children experiencing homelessness, family violence or recently arrived immigrants or refugees.

If families are unable to provide proof of permanent address because of their individual circumstances, they can seek advice from their local school or a Community Liaison Officer in the regional office. 

Department of Education policy does not prohibit schools listing the address of a specialist service, crisis or other temporary accommodation, or school address if required, for a child or young person experiencing family violence, to protect the child or young person from harm.

Further information on the department’s Enrolment policy can be found under the Determining permanent residence guidance page. This information is school facing but accessible to the public. 

Contacts for further advice and support

If you have any difficulties assisting a family with enrolment, you can contact the Department of Education and seek advice and support from your regional office.

Phone: 1800 338 663

Email: enquiries@education.vic.gov.au