Disability worker registration

20 October 2023
By attaining registration as a disability worker, it shows that workers have the skills and experience to deliver quality services and provides confidence to people with disability and their families, strengthening trust in disability workers and their professional capabilities.

Employers choosing registered workers show their commitment to an independently assessed quality workforce.

The registration process provides additional checks to the NDIS Worker Screening by assessing a person’s skills, experience, and commitment to undertaking continuous professional development. For information on the NDIS Worker Screening Check, please visit the NDIS Worker Screening Check page.

Registration is currently free, increases overall community confidence in the sector and ensures that people with disability can access safe and quality services. Registered workers appear on the Public Register which is available to employers in the sector. 

Disability workers can visit https://www.vdwc.vic.gov.au/disability-worker-registration for more information and to register.  Enquiries can also be made by calling 1800 497 132 between 9.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.