Digital Opportunities ICCMS initiatives

18 March 2024
Three Digital Opportunities initiatives will be released in the Integrated Client Case Management System (ICCMS) on the weekend of 23 March 2024.

The initiatives are:

• Management of High-Risk Infants
• Client Case Overview
• L17 Integration.

The initiatives come following a report released by the Victorian Auditor General's Office (VAGO) in September 2022 on the ‘Quality of Child Protection Data.’ In response to this report, the Department committed to ten digital initiatives to improve the functionality of ICCMS.

The initiatives aim to create workflow efficiencies and improve data integrity. 

The remaining initiatives will be progressively delivered over the next eighteen months. 
To support the release of these initiatives, a range of materials have been developed to support Child Protection Practitioners (CPPs) and Child Protection contracted case management agencies

They include:  


User Guides:

Updates to the Child Protection Manual have also been made to reflect practice changes in line with the initiative release dates.​  

For queries or questions relating to the Digital Opportunities ICCMS enhancements project, please email Sarah Bounden