Client Incident Management System eLearning module

18 April 2023
The Department has developed an eLearning Module for the Client Incident Management System (CIMS) to assist staff understand their incident reporting responsibilities.

The CIMS eLearning module has now been made available to all service providers with an overview of the CIMS policy and outlines the key requirements to support the effective management of the client incident reporting process from start to finish.

The eLearning module takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, and upon completion participants will:  

  • Understand the five stages of the client incident reporting process.
  • Recognise an incident in the context of CIMS.
  • Be able to explain the roles and responsibilities in incident reporting.
  • Be prepared and capable of using the CIMS IT to create, submit, review, endorse and submit incident reports.

To complete the training visit the CIMS learning and development page on the DFFH Providers website.