CIMS review update

14 August 2023
The Client Incident Management System (CIMS) is an end-to-end management system to record and manage incidents which impact clients during service delivery.

The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (the department) is currently undertaking a review of CIMS to address key policy, practice and IT platform issues which are impacting on the effectiveness and efficiency of this key safeguarding mechanism.

As part of the CIMS review, the review team are working with the Social Services Regulation Reform team to align CIMS and the new Regulator's incident notification requirements as far as possible, to minimise duplication and regulatory burden for service providers.

A consultation paper was released for public feedback on 26 July in relation to CIMS policy definition changes and the consultation period closed on 11 August. The review team will conduct a deep analysis of the feedback and use this to inform a position on CIMS policy definitions.

Hearing from those who use, and are affected by CIMS, is central to the CIMS Review.

There will be regular opportunities to provide feedback on proposed changes to CIMS throughout the review. These opportunities will be advertised in the Funded Agency Channel newsletter and CIMS Review newsletter.

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