CIMS review update

17 February 2023
The Client Incident Management System (CIMS) Review team is currently working to improve the definition of services considered in scope of CIMS.

In response to stakeholder feedback, the team is aiming to create principles and/or definitions which will guide decision making into the future.

This will replace the current list of individual services and activities named in Appendix C of the CIMS Guide.

Additional feedback from what has already been provided in surveys or stakeholder meetings is welcome to

Offers to review drafts before they are released for general consultation are also welcome.

Regional in-person consultations at regular intervals through the review will be planned to see CIMS in operation and hear directly from people who prefer this method of communication. You can contact the team via email if you would like them to consider travelling to visit you.

Recruitment to the review team is currently underway. These temporary positions will allow the review to explore the opportunities for improvement for all stakeholders, with the aim of maximising benefits to clients while making the best use of department and sector resources. We expect the pace of the review to rapidly increase once the full team has been appointed. 

If you have any questions or want to contribute to a particular part of the review, please contact the CIMS Review team at