CIMS policy and guidance: feedback requested

18 January 2024
The CIMS Review team has heard from stakeholders that while CIMS is an improvement on the previous incident reporting system, there are areas which need refinement and could be improved. Feedback has indicated that the CIMS policy and guidance can be difficult to interpret due to multiple policy documents and the lack of clarity between policy and implementation guidance.

Hearing from those who use CIMS is critical for the CIMS review to deliver the best outcomes possible for the system. The team is pleased to invite you to provide feedback on a consultation paper for the proposed new layout of the CIMS policy and guidance.

The consultation paper contains two sample sections of CIMS policy. These policy sections have been selected as they have undergone a significant change from the current policy. Feedback is invited on the proposed layout, as well as the policy direction in these sample sections, acknowledging that some information may be housed elsewhere in the CIMS policy. The draft policy document will be released for consultation in 2024, where stakeholders will have the opportunity to view and provide feedback on the draft policy in its entirety. 

The consultation paper can be found here. Please email your feedback to the CIMS Review team at

The consultation will close on Thursday, 25 January, 2024.