Changes to Service Agreement Module (SAM), effective 31 May 2024

11 June 2024
In the SAM Contacts screen, the fields Contact and Location, have been renamed to Contacts and Locations, to reflect the title of the screens they allow access to.

The signatory field is now visible in the Contacts screen to Organisation users that have Contacts permission ticked.

There is a new field labelled Secondary, which the Access Controller can tick for one or more Organisation users. The secondary contacts will receive systems communications in addition to the primary contact. This will assist larger organisations in effectively disseminating notifications.

The secondary contacts will receive emails regarding:

  • Insurance Compliance (reminders, submission and completion)
  • EM Compliance (commencement, reminder, due and completed)
  • DTR completed
  • SACC (reminder, overdue reminder, and submission).

Additional changes to email notification recipients:

Agreement notifications to the signatory will now include a CC to the primary contact for the emails:

  • New service agreement available on My Agency
  • Service agreement variation available on My Agency (Reference Number XXXXX)
  • Service agreement accepted by all parties.

Acquittal submissions will be sent to the person who performed the action. These emails include:

  • “Acquittal Submitted”
  • “Acquittal Unsubmitted”. 

Acquittal notifications will be emailed to the organisation’s primary and secondary contacts. These include:

  • “Acquittal Generated”
  • “Acquittal Overdue”.

The ability to see ‘Old’ contacts in the Service Agreement Module (SAM) will be limited to the Access Controller. All other organisation users will only see active contacts. 

When an Access Controller makes a contact ‘Old’, a pop-up message will appears advising them to email to ensure access removal is completed across the system.

The Relationship Hierarchy will now only capture the signatories.

For any queries regarding these changes please email the FAC Helpdesk