Changes to Child Protection Manual in relation to Care Team Roles and Responsibilities

15 February 2024
child protection
Updates have been made to the Care Teams – Advice 2110 and Care Teams – procedure 1103 in the Child Protection Manual to ensure the roles and responsibilities of care team members are more clearly articulated.

The update clarifies the care team convenor is responsible for documenting minutes and ensuring the responsibilities and actions of the care team are allocated to specific members of the care team (including themselves where appropriate), and this is to be reflected in the recorded actions. This includes documenting responsibility for tasks, associated timelines and case progress. 

Where a Community Service Organisation (CSO) or an Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisation (ACCO) is providing the placement or kinship care case contracting the care, the team convenor is the CSO or ACCO staff member.  Where the placement is provided by the department and the kinship placement is not receiving contracted case management, Child Protection is the care team convenor.

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