Bill relief for Victorian households and small business

20 October 2023
The Victorian and Commonwealth Governments have partnered to deliver electricity bill relief to eligible Victorian households and small businesses under the Energy Bill Relief Fund.

Bill relief for households 

Households can access the bill relief if the primary electricity account holder or a household member named on the account has an eligible concession card or is in receipt of an eligible government payment. 

Eligible households will receive $250 of bill relief, in periodic instalments across 2023-24.  

Bill relief for small businesses 

Businesses can access the bill relief if they are considered electricity ‘small customers’ due to their energy consumption being under the annual threshold of 40 MWh and they are registered on a separately metered business tariff. 

Eligible small businesses can receive $325 in bill relief.  

Energy Assistance Program 

Victorians at risk of financial hardship who need additional support with their energy bills can seek help through the Victorian Government’s Energy Assistance Program. 

For more information, please visit the Energy Assistance Program webpage