Annual Indexation: Service Agreement 2023-24 (Department of Families, Fairness and Housing and Department of Health)

23 October 2023
On 1 September 2023, the Victorian Government announced it is investing a further $259 million over four years to increase annual indexed funding for community services.

This investment will increase indexation for community service organisations CSOs for 2023-24 to 5.45% (up from 3.29% announced in the 2023-24 State Budget).

Annual indexation has been backdated to 1 July 2023, the new indexation rate will be paid from 6 November 2023 for DFFH funded programs, with backdated arrears paid on 25 October 2023. You can view the outcome of the indexation by logging into My Agency. Annual indexation for DH funded programs will be paid next month.

 My Agency and Service Agreement Module reports

You can check the annual price indexation that applies to your agency in the SAM02f – Indexation and Equal Remuneration Order report or by viewing the applicable version(s) of your organisation’s service agreement(s) through the Service Agreement Module.

 For further information, please speak to your Service Agreement primary contact.