Statewide monitoring program in residential care

17 May 2022
As part of its state-wide monitoring program, the Commission for Children and Young People are currently conducting onsite monitoring activities in residential care units.

The Commission's residential care monitoring program collects the views of children and young people in residential care about a right, or group of similar rights, under the 'Charter for children in out-of-home-care' (the Charter).

The current monitoring activity focuses on the Charter right 'to stay healthy and well and go to a doctor, dentist or other health professional when I need to.' 

In each monitoring activity, Commission staff meet with children and young people from four different service providers in residential care; two in rural Victoria and two in metropolitan Victoria. At each location, Commission staff speak individually to children and young people who agree to participate, and ask for their views about a particular Charter right and their experiences of how those rights have been realised.

At the conclusion of the four activities, a draft report will be prepared and a short consultation process will occur with the DFFH and relevant care providers. A final report of the monitoring activity is provided to the Minister for Child Protection and the Secretary (DFFH) highlighting the experiences of a cross-section of children in residential care. The inspection's thematic findings will also be included in the Commission's Annual Report.