Performance audit program to recommence

16 March 2022
The Community Services Operations Division (CSOD) of the department is committed to ensuring appropriate health, safety and development needs of children and young people during their time in out of home care.

The Compliance and Quality Team (C&Q) within CSOD conduct performance audits of Out of Home Care (OoHC) services delivered by funded community service organisations. These audits focus on practice and processes implemented to deliver consistent care and support under these care settings.

Due to the COVID-19 situation over the past two years, onsite performance audits were suspended and an interim desktop review process was introduced. This review process allowed the team to assess the requirements outlined in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Plan for Care Services.

With the recent removal of COVID-19 restrictions, the C&Q team will gradually reintroduce performance audits into OoHC services in a COVID safe way. This will include adherence to current public health advice that includes, vaccination, regular testing and the use of personal protective equipment in some service settings.

Refer to the CSOD Performance Performance Audit Program (2022) fact sheet for further information. Any queries related to the recommencement of the performance audit program can be directed to