New program launched: First Supports

15 June 2018
From March 2018, the Victorian Government introduced a new model of kinship care across Victoria.

A new program called First Supports was launched as part of the new kinship care model. First Supports aims to support newly established kinship care placements through the provision of early comprehensive assessments, brokerage and access to increased supports.

Community service organisations and Aboriginal community-controlled organisations will provide First Supports to statutory kinship placements expected to last at least three months. First Supports organisations will complete the kinship care comprehensive (Part B) assessment, can provide up to 110 family services hours and an average of $1,000 in brokerage supports.

Child Protection makes referrals to First Supports by submitting the kinship preliminary (Part A) assessment and CRIS generated client profile. A handover meeting occurs and the organisation completes the comprehensive Part B assessment within six weeks of placement commencement date. Once completed the assessment is provided to Child Protection for endorsement. Organisations can commence providing support through family services hours alongside undertaking the assessment as required.

The First Supports program guidelines, comprehensive (Part B) assessment and assessment guidelines, handover meeting agenda and letter to carers pro forma are available on the policies and procedures page under First Supports.

Further information

Additional information about the new model of kinship care can be found on the Department of Health and Human Services' kinship care page.

For more information about First Supports, please contact Local Connections.