New Child Safe Standards

11 August 2021
On 1 July 2021, new Child Safe Standards were gazetted for Victoria.

The new standards will commence on 1 July 2022 giving organisations time to plan, prepare and comply. Until then, organisations will need to continue complying with the current Standards.

Victoria’s new standards were devised in extensive consultation with stakeholders, including Aboriginal leaders and Victoria’s Commission for Children and Young People. These standards will assist organisations that interact with children do all they can to prevent abuse and respond quickly if allegations of abuse are made.

Some of the key amendments include:

  • new requirements to involve families in organisational efforts to keep young people safe,
  • to manage the risk of child abuse online, and
  • to provide greater clarity over governance, systems, and processes to keep young people safe.

To prepare for the new Standards, organisations are encouraged to:

  • get to know the new Standards and what is changing by looking at transition resources on the Commission for Children and Young People website
  • start planning now to meet the new Standards by 1 July 2022 by looking at what the organisation has in place now and what the organisation may need to change or include
  • subscribe to the Commission updates to be informed of new information and guidance as it is issued

More guidance to help organisations move to the new Standards will be released over the coming months by the Human Services Regulator, Department of Families Fairness and Housing, as the relevant authority for organisations funded by the department, and the Commission for Children and Young People.

Further information about the current Child Safe Standards or the new Standards can be found on Human Services Regulator’s website at or by emailing