National Children’s Week 2021

12 October 2021
technology kid
This year, National Children’s Week (23 October to 31 October 2021) celebrates the rights of all children and young people to choose their own friends and safely connect with others.

During the COVID-19 pandemic technology has been the pathway for children and young people to establish and maintain social connections and continue their school learning. This increased reliance on technology also poses risks such as cyberbullying, uninvited contact (including the potential for grooming) and viewing inappropriate content or visual images. It is crucial that children and young people have support and guidance to safely move around the online environment.

All in-scope organisations are required to comply with the Victorian Child Safe Standards.

National Children's Week 2021 is a reminder for organisations to make sure that they hear children's and young people’s voices. They can do this by thinking about the opportunities that children and young people have at an organisation to have their say.

Child Safe Standard 7 Strategies to promote the participation and empowerment of children Organisations can think about how the children and young people who use the service can join in and contribute to important decisions. Organisations could also consider what could be done to make it easier for children and young people to feel confident in expressing their ideas, feelings, and talking about what about what matters to them.

The new Child Safe Standard 9 effective 1 July 2022 requires that organisations have strategies in place to ensure that physical and online environments promote safety and wellbeing while minimising the opportunity for children and young people to be harmed. For more information about the 11 new Standards effective 1 July 2022 refer to New Child Safe Stanards start in Victoria on 1 July 2022 to better protect children.