Human Services Regulator launches new strategic approach

17 February 2022
HSR flow
The Human Services Regulator (HSR) has developed a suite of documents that outline what regulated entities can expect from the HSR and how the HSR will in turn work with regulated entities.

The documents have been developed to enhance the transparency of, and better inform regulated entities about the regulatory approach and strategies that underpin the work of the HSR.

The documents are:

  • Regulatory Strategy: an overarching outline of the regulatory approach, principles and strategies we have adopted to pursue our mission of protecting the safety and upholding the rights of children, young people and adults.
  • Compliance and Enforcement Policy: which outlines our approach to compliance and enforcement, and associated expectations, for external stakeholders, regulated entities and client group representatives.
  • Annual Regulatory Plan: underpinned by the principles and approach outlined in the above documents, this plan outlines our specific areas of focus for 2021/22.

It is important to note that these documents are specific to the HSR and will be replaced once the Social Services Regulator is established during 2022/23 under the Social Services Regulation Act 2021. Each document is clearly branded as the Human Services Regulator.

  Further information about the HSR and links to the above documents are available from the department’s website at