Have your say: review of family violence information sharing and risk management

11 July 2022
Following the Royal Commission into Family Violence, a new Part 5A and new Part 11 were inserted into the Family Violence Protection Act 2008 (the Act). Part 5A provides the legal basis for the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme (FVISS), including the Central Information Point (CIP).

Part 11 provides the legal basis for the Family Violence Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Risk Management (MARAM) Framework.

Submissions from organisations and individual practitioners who are impacted by these provisions, and organisations that represent and advocate for family violence victim survivors have been invited to participate in the review of the Act. 

The Act requires an independent review (the Review) to be conducted of the 3rd to 5th years of operation of Part 5A and the first 5 years of operation of Part 11. The Family Violence Reform Implementation Monitor (the Monitor) has been appointed to undertake the Review.

The Review will consider the extent to which the legal provisions have been effective in:

  • facilitating information sharing, and enabling certain organisations to obtain consolidated and up-to-date information from the CIP, for the purposes of establishing, assessing and managing risks of family violence

  • promoting service coordination to maximise the safety of people who have experienced family violence, prevent and reduce family violence to the extent possible, and promote the accountability of perpetrators of family violence for their actions

  • providing a framework for achieving consistency in family violence risk identification, assessment and management.

The Review will also consider whether there have been any adverse effects associated with the provisions in Part 5A or Part 11 and whether any changes are required to improve the Act’s operation.

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