Guidance for COVID-19 planning in the community services sector is now available

3 June 2020
Guidance for COVID-19 planning in the community services sector has been issued to provide advice and tools in preparing for service changes, including restoration of face-to-face services.

Sector specific guidance may also be updated to reflect this advice to ensure our approach to service continuity is aligned.

The guidance includes tools to assist organisations with coronavirus (COVID-19) planning such as:

  • Key considerations to apply when determining how to deliver services safely 
  • Tools to help organisations identify risks of coronavirus transmission and develop strategies to respond to those risks while working to transition to normal service delivery.

It supplements the COVID-19 Plan for the Community Services Sector (April 2020) and is intended to support updates to your existing business continuity planning.  The guidance is intended to remain relevant as restrictions continue to be adjusted, yet the risk posed by coronavirus remains.

The department will continue to work with you to understand the changing needs of your organisations, your staff and your clients. This includes where additional guidance or support may be required.

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Further information

Refer to Guidance for coronavirus (COVID-19) planning in the community services sector.