Enhanced pathways to family violence work project

26 February 2020
family violence
Call for funding submissions are now open for Year three of Enhanced Pathways to Family Violence Work Project, supporting student placements which will take place in 2021.

Since the Royal Commission into Family Violence, the specialist response and primary prevention sectors have grown rapidly – and this is likely to continue.

The Enhanced Pathways to Family Violence Work Project aims to address current supply challenges, as well as the need to build a sustainable pipeline for the future, with clear pathways into the sector for students and workers from other sectors.

The project is open to specialist family violence and broader community service organisations to assist them in building their capacity and capability in hosting high quality student placements, and introducing those students to family violence practice relevant to their organisation’s context. All applicants must apply through tenders.vic.gov.au

The call of funding submissions will close at 2:00pm on Friday 20 March 2020.

Thinking of applying? Hear from Amber, a Social Work graduate and Enhanced Pathways to Family Violence Work participant who now works as a specialist family violence practitioner.