Enhacing our emergency warning system

18 June 2018
Decorative image of woman holding elderly man's hand
Your feedback can help shape how the department communicates with the public during a public health emergency


Public health emergencies may include events such as:

  • Major food or drinking water contamination
  • Significant outbreak of a life-threatening communicable disease (for example, Ebola)
  • Significant weather event, like a heat wave
  • Chemical spills that threaten human health
  • Emergencies of unknown cause impacting human health.

Why should I do the survey?

Through this survey, the Department of Health and Human Services is seeking to better understand:

  • The community’s expectations for receiving warnings during a public health emergency
  • Any unique considerations for issuing public health warnings in the Victorian Emergency Management context
  • The factors most likely to prompt people to act on a public health warning to protect themselves and those in their care.

The survey should take 10 minutes to complete and the information collected will only be used for the Public Health Emergency Warning Systems Research Project.

We encourage you to share this survey with your colleagues and within your networks.

Take the survey via the SurveyMonkey website.