Emojis give kids in care a voice

20 December 2021
In 2022, the department’s Compliance and Quality team will commence using a new emoji-based platform called Your Voice, to capture feedback from children and young people in residential care.

Emojis are those little pictures of faces, animals, hands etc which are often used to convey emotion behind a message. They are generally understood across languages and literacy levels, providing those caring for children and young people with fast feedback about how safe and well their clients are feeling.

When conducting performance audits, the Compliance and Quality team will provide clients with the option to use the Your Voice app, or to simply have a chat about how they’re going.   Children and young people who choose to provide feedback via Your Voice will be able to respond to a series of questions or statements by selecting the emojis they feel best represent their thoughts. For example, how do you feel right now?