Deactivation of family violence risk assessment profile in SHIP

16 March 2022
The Family Violence Risk Assessment profile in the Specialist Homelessness Information Platform (SHIP) will shortly be deactivated.

The change will be implemented in the week beginning 4 April 2022. After this point, all risk assessments previously conducted using the Family Violence Risk Assessment profile will still be accessible, they will however be locked and not be able to be edited.

From this date, all new family violence risk assessments will need to be conducted using the MARAM Tools feature.  

What are the MARAM tools and how are they different from the Family Violence Risk Assessment profile?  

The MARAM (Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management Framework) tools build on and enhance the Family Violence Risk Assessment profile by reframing its items as risk factors under MARAM, with assessment questions designed to help professionals determine the presence of those risk factors. The MARAM tools also account for experiences of family violence risk for children, Aboriginal communities, diverse communities and older people.   Professionals use different tools depending on their professional role, type and/or length of engagement with victim survivors.

You can find detailed information about the purpose of the different tools in the MARAM practice guides.    

MARAM training available  

All specialist family violence and homelessness workers are eligible for free online MARAM training delivered by Safe and Equal. Details can be found on the Safe + Equal, MARAM training page.  

For any questions on the MARAM Tools, contact the Tools for Risk Assessment and Management team on