COVID-19 family finding service launched

10 November 2021
Victoria is expecting an increase in the numbers of patients that require hospitalisation due to COVID-19 as restrictions are eased over the coming months. 

When this occurs for single parent families, or families where both parents require hospitalisation, there is often no-one available to care for their children – noting these children are almost always COVID-19 positive or suspected COVID-19 positive (SCOVID).

A COVID Family Finding service has been established within Uniting Vic Tas and the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA) to undertake early conversations with at risk parent/s following their diagnoses of COVID-19, and support them pre-plan alternative care arrangements for their children in the event they require hospitalisation. 

If you are engaging with vulnerable families where a parent/s test positive to COVID-19 and believe they may be benefit from this service, please refer to the Family Finding Factsheet. Referrals for Aboriginal families can be made directly to VACCA using the VACCA Covid Finding Family Referral Form. Referrals to Uniting Vic Tas for non-Aboriginal families, and families from CALD backgrounds can be made via email as per the details in the factsheet.   

Families involved with child protection and care services are not in scope for Family Finding. 

For more information about Family Finding, please contact VACCA or Uniting Vic Tas directly.