Answers to frequently asked questions about FAC, service agreements and funded organisations
  • Q: How do I use FAC to communicate with funded organisations?

    You can promote an event of interest or share information by submitting a 'News' item for publication on FAC. Suitable content includes:

    • commissioned reports and research
    • relevant forms or documents
    • regional or divisional promotional activities
    • information about upcoming events

     To submit a news item for publication, email the Service Agreement Communications team at sacomms@dffh.vic.gov.au.

  • Q: What is a Service agreement?

    The Department of Health and Human Services along with the Department of Education and Training (early childhood services only) use a Service agreement version of the Victorian common funding agreement to fund organisations to deliver services.

    Service agreements set out the key obligations, objectives, rights and responsibilities of the organisation in delivering services, and the department in providing funding to the organisation.

  • Q: What is My Agency?

    My Agency is a secure site only accessible to registered users. It provides users with quick and easy access to information specific to their service agreements with the Department of Health and Human Services, and/or the Department of Education and Training (including the Adult and Community Further Education Board (ACFE). My Agency provides:

    • organisation specific service agreement information for the current, future and previous financial years
    • access to payment schedules, invoices and the progress of service agreement variations
    • e-remittance (payment) advices relating to their service agreement
    • organisation performance reports for funded activities, and
    • access to the Service Agreement Module (SAM) where organisations undertake compliance related activities include Service Delivery tracking and Service Agreement Compliance Certification.

    How you access My Agency depends on whether you're a staff member of the Department of Health and Human Services or not.